Saturday, June 1, 2013

Race news: 1 June 2013

So, what's the latest news that I find interesting? Here's a quick roundup:
Apparently, Westin is hiring a RunWestin Concierge just for runners staying at the Westin for Rock n Roll events! If I didn't have a real job, I'd probably apply for this.

I have stayed in probably 3 Westins in the past couple of months, and I always make a point of stopping by the concierge desk to pick up a running map, whether I actually run or not. They're generally very accommodating about race schedules; when I stayed at the Westin Alexandria for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, they gave me a later checkout, recommended when I should leave for the metro, and had the shuttle to the metro station out front at 4:30am. Thumbs up!
National Running Day is June 5th. In grand tradition, any good celebration includes RACE DISCOUNTS! Here's my watch list so far; if I find any more, I will definitely post them!

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  • Disney Princess Half Marathon registration opens June 11! Get an email reminder on their site. This one is expensive, so any discount helps. Also, traveling takes some planning! 

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