Monday, June 17, 2013

New shorts and packing

So, once again, I'm packing up everything I own and getting ready to move. This time, essentials are going with me to Baltimore, while everything else stays in storage in Georgia until my husband gets back from Afghanistan sometime next year. All the extra stress and work has definitely affected my training, but I have been more flexible with my schedule. Last week looked like this :

Monday: run with company. Pushed it a little since it was short
Tuesday: swim 1000m/core
Wednesday: bike ride 35 minutes
Friday: 3 mile post run

I added the nifty little dailymile widget so you can see more detail, when I remember to add them.

Friday was actually a little rough, and I think my electrolytes were off. Even though the run was short and an easy pace (after an hour of standing around), my abs started cramping up pretty fiercely by mile 2. I made sure to drink some powerade during the day but didn't feel much better. Unfortunately this happens when I drink too much water and not enough flavor or salt in my diet. When the weather gets hot and humid or I adjust my training load, I know I need to balance my electrolytes, but usually forget. Maybe this summer will be smoother.

In other news, I ordered a new pair of shorts! The new redemption shorts from Skirt Sports come in their oasis print, and were on sale!
I have been wearing them everyday since they arrived, and love them. The cut is great, the print goes with just about every tank top I own, and the material is nice enough to be comfy without looking too sporty. They have a drawstring at the waist, a pocket on the butt, and a mesh liner. I definitely plan on getting a lot of wear out of these this summer!

I also got the gym girl skirt in this print. 

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