Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

It's National Running Day!

I suppose today is a time to celebrate why we run. For me, I run because I can. Because I feel so lucky that I am capable of running. I hope i never take it for granted, and never get too lazy.

And, to celebrate, I registered for the Rock 'N' Roll USA Marathon next March! It might be a little ambitious to plan on running a marathon in March during my first year of law school, and will probably require a lot of new wardrobe additions to adapt to running in Baltimore and not Georgia, but I'm up for the challenge! It's only about 3 weeks after the Disney Princess Half, so that will be a tight month. Plus, it was $20 off!

Meanwhile, I got my official orders to report to the University of Baltimore in August! Time to start packing up and getting everything ready to go, finding a new apartment, a new gym, and some new workout buddies. Think I can commit to the Baltimore Running Festival in October?

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