Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Packing for a triathlon

I am very good at forgetting things. Even when I make a packing list and lay everything out, I still tend to forget things. Despite that full disclosure, here is my system for packing for a triathlon:
Here's my packing list. I'm sure there is something missing, but it's just a base.

Everything laid out:
I try to pack things in order of use. Also, I probably won't be wearing these shoes since I don't have the elastic laces for them.

I keep a small packing cube for the transition area with all the odds and ends in it:
Some things in my odds and ends bag that probably aren't on the list:
- Tea bags. I bring a calm tea bag for the night before, and an Awake tea bag for the morning of. Coffee seems just a bit too much
- Goggles AND extra goggles. Just in case something happens
- A contact. Just in case one gets knocked out during the swim. If both get knocked out, I probably won't be able to find my way back to transition anyway
- Breakfast. I never eat much breakfast, so a Clif bar and/or Stinger waffle are usually my pre-race snack
- SPRAY sunblock. Easy to spray in between transitions
- Body glide, for everywhere
- Foot powder. To get extra sand off your feet after the run from the beach
- Duct tape. I tape my gels to my bike so I don't forget them

A few more things to remember the morning of:
- race number! Obviously. I attach it to my race belt before leaving
- wrist band, if applicable. Larger races have wrist bands with your number on it as ID to get in and out of transition, pick up your bike, etc
- a plastic bag for all your wet stuff after the race
- sandals/flip flops for before and after

Using the packing cubes works for me, because it keeps everything neatly together when I throw it all in my bags. I use a separate one for shoes, because they get dirty, ones for clothes, and everything else in a tote bag ready to go. Laying everything out beforehand lets me think about what I'm missing.

What am I forgetting this time? 

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