Monday, April 8, 2013

Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run: Pre-race

For some reason, I planned a whole weekend around the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. I got plane tickets for me and Kevin, then invited my sister and aunt to join me, since I had obviously forgotten what our last trip to New York City in October was like. I was envisioning a nice weekend in DC, floating around on cherry blossoms and visiting my favourite Smithsonians with quiet evenings and a new PR on Sunday morning.

Is that what happened? Obviously....but not really. For one, because of all the cold weather, the cherry trees still haven't bloomed! I should have known when the cherry tree outside my house in Georgia was still just starting to show when we left.

Secondly, we didn't go to a single Smithsonian! Instead, we scooted around Alexandria a little bit (had some amazing rigatoni at Bertucci's!) since we were staying at the Westin Alexandria. We walked all around the Mall at night, seeing all the monuments and memorials. We had ramen in chinatown, and post-race dim sum at Ping Pong. Saturday we slept in and went to the Capitol Visitor Center and the Spy Museum. So much walking!!

By Saturday night, my aunt pointed out that we had walked something like 14 miles Friday and another 8 on Saturday. No wonder my feet were killing me! I was tired, slightly dehydrated, and worn out. And I still had to race Sunday!

My lesson: if you plan a "runcation," plan the great activities after the race. Not for the two days before.

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