Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week Recap: Recovering

This week I wanted to focus on recovery and getting ready for the Georgia Half Marathon in another 2 weeks. Even though I didn't really "race" the Disney Princess Half, it was still 13.1 miles, so my legs were pretty tired. I've moved to a different unit on Fort Gordon, with a different schedule and PT plan, so this was my week:

Monday: 3 mile run around Barton field (could definitely feel my knees and IT band)
Tuesday: light gym day
Wednesday: 3.4 mile run with 10 lb vest (NOT my idea at all)
Thursday: rest
Friday: Gym day: 30 minute bike, 30 minute lower body
Saturday: 30 minute yoga shred
Sunday: 7 mile run with 100-stride sprints for the last 2.5 miles

Overall, it was definitely a good week to rest, but I'll be ready for some good swims next week, and maybe a long bike ride. I also need to add in some more hills, since I hear the Georgia course in Atlanta is pretty hilly.

My husband, however, could barely walk Monday morning. I have introduced him to ice, foam rolling, and Natalie, my massage therapist. Hopefully he will learn :)

Also, Skirt Sports is having their big sale! Check them out! I love the marathon chick skirt, and the arm warmers!

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