Friday, March 15, 2013

Setback, or improvement?

So, after trimming my nails very short like I usually do the other week following the Disney Princess Half, my big toe started hurting and swelling up. I thought it would go away after a few days, so I just carried on with what I was planning. After almost 10 days though, it was getting worse, more swollen and painful, and I was worried that maybe I had infected my cuticle or something else gross. When I went to the doctor, though, the nurse took one look at it and asked how I was walking without pain meds. The doctor informed that it was just a really weird ingrown toenail with a lot of granular tissue around it.What a relief? 

His solution was to cut it out as soon as possible, despite my upcoming race. He took off almost half of my big toe nail,gave me a bottle of hydrocodeine for pain as needed, and said no running for 2 weeks. Also, a really nice open toe black shoe made of Styrofoam. Sweet. 

I have to say, the numbing shot he gave me in my foot is without a doubt the most painful shot I've ever had. It felt like he was ripping the flesh off the bone. I made the mistake of watching, and saw him wiggling this needle around inside my toe and forcing a lot of liquid into it. EEEW. Here's my foot now, properly elevated and only mildly throbbing:
The back of that bandage is actually pretty bloody.

So, to run or not to run this weekend? I'm going to the expo tomorrow to pick up my bib, and I'll guess we'll see how it feels after that! It's a 15-minute-mile pace, so maybe I can do alright. If not, I'll have no problem jumping on the sag wagon.

Anyone else headed to Atlanta this weekend?

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