Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race shirts!

My dear husband asked me why I wear race t shirts all the time. The answer is easy: 1) I ran the race. I'm wearing the shirt to remind everyone since apparently wearing medals is not socially acceptable. 2) they account for a majority of my casual wardrobe.

I like the wide variety of shirts I have in my collection, but sometimes I wonder, what makes a great race shirt? Let's break down the options:

long sleeve or short sleeve: I think any race between October and March should have a long sleeve shirt. It just makes sense.

cotton or technical fabric: There seems to be a wide range of different kinds of technical fabric, and cotton is always pretty consistent. I like races that give you the option of paying an upcharge to get a technical shirt, or just sticking with the cotton design. Note: technical shirts should NEVER be white. Unless it's made of Underarmour Coldgear fabric.

gender-specific cute or standard: For the most part, I prefer gender-specific cut shirts. Standard cuts are usually too big for me, but sometimes a women's small fits oddly. I have one shirt from a triathlon that is sort of cut like the Underarmour fitted women's shirts, but in a different fabric, so it just looks like a weird V in the front. I think the shirts Disney uses are the best example of how to do gender-specific shirts.

v-neck or crew neck: This is a toss up. Most gender-specific shirts have a v-neck for women, but either works for me.

Logos: My least-worn race shirt was from the 2010 Augusta Half Marathon, which was also my first real, timed half marathon. It's the one up there with a weird jack-o-lantern on it. I hate halloween. Logos should always have a date though :p

My top shirt right now is the long sleeve, Navy blue technical shirt from the Richmond Marathon, partly because that's my current brag, and partly because it fits perfectly.

What are your favorite shirts?

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