Sunday, March 17, 2013


Saturday night, I seriously had to consider whether or not I should, or could, run the Georgia Half Marathon Sunday morning. I decided to take my pain meds, go for it, and jump on the sag wagon if needed. As I was getting ready to leave the hotel room, Kevin reminded me to not be a hero! This is just one race, and finishing in pain wouldn't prove anything.

However, I'm so glad I did it! I finished with exactly a 10:00/mile average pace, 2:11 overall time. The entire time I was just so happy to be running in such great weather, through such a great city. All the volunteers were great, and there was great course support.

I'll do a full race recap, but here's my medal!
I'll definitely be resting my foot, keeping it elevated, and letting it heal. But I'm definitely glad I decided to "rise to the challenge"!

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