Saturday, March 9, 2013


While doing some laundry on this lazy Saturday morning, I decided to finally put together my latest charm bracelet. 

Let me just start with saying, I love charm bracelets. I love little tiny things that look like real things, but actually represent something awesome, but only I know what that is for sure. I love looking at a bracelet and remembering all the stories. I still prefer the traditional, dangly, 3d charms, but the Pandora bracelets and Italian link charms are pretty cool too. I currently have three personal charm bracelets, a few vintage ones I've found on ebay and in vintage stores that were just too pretty to pass up, and started my fourth this morning. 

Here's how it looks so far:

From left to right:
- Running shoe/26.2 charm: for the Richmond Marathon, obviously. I got this one online from Treasured Charms. I ordered another one to put on another bracelet, too (see below). 
- Alamo post card charm: I picked up this one from the Alamo in San Antonio on my work trip. It's a charm of a postcard! Two of my favourite things!
- Statue of Liberty: this one is from a trip to NYC I took in February with my aunt and sister. I like how the loop is in the back, not on Lady Liberty's head
- Disney Princess Half Marathon charm: I took this off the charm necklace I bought at Disney. The original charm necklace looked like this:
I just took the logo charm off the necklace and added it to my bracelet. The little crown charm says 2009-2013.
- Captain's bars: I pinned Captain in the Army a few months ago, so of course I needed a charm for that. I have LT bars on my other bracelet. 

I also am looking for an appropriate charm to celebrate being selected for the Army's FLEP program, passing the LSAT, and applying to law schools. Plus, I have the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler coming up! 

One of my other bracelets I call Kevin's bracelet, because it's all charms that we bought together, he bought for me, or that remind me of him. Since we ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon together, I ordered this charm for his bracelet:
It's pink! I love how delicate it is, and it's not just another 13.1 charm. Definitely adds a little more color. 

In the meantime, this weekend has been for laundry (you know you're a runner when: your laundry consists of one load of whites and two loads of gym clothes. that's all.). I was wondering why I was feeling a bit sluggish all week, and woke up this morning with a swollen throat and stuffed up nose. Hopefully all the tea I've been drinking will nip this in the bud so I can get on with my "taper" week before Atlanta next weekend. 

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