Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week in review: 16 February

Anyways, my week was pretty good, but it seemed so long!
Monday: ladder drill in the pool, warmup, 50m laps up to 200 and back down, cooldown
Tuesday: PRT (worst exercise of the day: jump lunges!)
Wednesday: suicides on Willard Hill, the longest, steepest hill on Fort Gordon
Thursday: some sort of kickboxing/zumba/tae bo, not really sure who's idea that was

And today I am going on a long bike ride. Even though it's rather cold.

As I said, this week seemed so long! Definitely ready for the four day weekend for President's Day! I finished all my law school applications, except for the submitting them part, due to my supervisor at work not submitting her letter of recommendation yet. But that should be complete next week, in accordance with my goal of completing them all before leaving for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!

Speaking of, here's what my costume looks like so far!
Princess Leia Running Costume!
I was hoping that the costume I bought on ebay had a foam-y belt instead of this rubbery one, but oh well, it's just a belt. I'm still testing out a few different hair options. We're also still working on options for my husband's costume.

To get ready for next weekend, I already have my packing list complete, a general schedule written down, and a hotel booked. I kind of took a while to make arrangements for work, and wasn't able to get more than the regular weekend off, so our plan is to leave after work Friday, drive to Jacksonville, FL, and drive the rest of the way to Disney on Saturday. Then, we'll go to the race expo first thing, and decide if we want to splurge for half a day in one of the parks, while also trying to fit in time for Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian (the Disney website does't seem to make reservations for this anymore, just My Disney Girl's Afternoon Tea Party?). I used my SPG points to get a room at the Sheraton resort just off Disney, since all our options on Disney were already waaay booked. We will be having "brunch" at 1900 Park Fare after the race, then heading straight back to Georgia.

I also started making plans for the Georgia Marathon in March. A lot of my friends are running the Yuengling Marathon in Virginia Beach, but the half sold out before I could make up my mind to plan another race in that area. My other friend Hannah signed up for the Georgia Half Marathon in Atlanta, though, and then I found out it's also the tail end of Buckhead Restaurant Week. Ticking that off my bucket list AND cheap restaurants? Yes, please!
So, planning for that will begin shortly. Just to round out my March calendar.

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