Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trip Summary: San Antonio

This past week I was in San Antonio, this time for real work. I was at a planning conference for an upcoming exercise for two of our battalions, so I had a full 2 days of planning and work groups, bookended by travel days. The guys I went with and I definitely made the most of the short trip, though.

First stop in San Antonio is, obviously, the Alamo!
It was actually pretty small, considering all the big talk and that it's in Texas! Walking around the grounds was nice, though, and the preservation of the area was well done. I didn't get to do a battlefield tour because of the planning conference, but it was nice to see.

After busy days of planning, my friends and I had to make some decisions on food. The first night we had Zushi Sushi, the second night was Dick's Last Resort on the Riverwalk, and our last night we splurged on the Chart House in Tower of the Americas. The view was amazing, and my meal of scallops with wasabi mashed potatoes was delicious.

Thursday afternoon I snuck away to get in some LSAT studying, and walked alllll the way across town to the Madhatter's Tea House & Cafe. I ordered the tea for two, though it was just me, and a pot of the decaf Earl Grey. It came with 2 scones, tea sandwiches (smoked salmon and cucumber, lots of cream cheese), and a few small pastries. There wasn't any fancy china (I picked my own tea cup from a rack near the other beverages), and the place felt more like a local cafe than tea shop. Nothing too special, but well presented:

Another highlight of this trip was getting in a Crossfit workout with an old friend, and watching my guy friends sweat through it. Very entertaining indeed.

I think San Antonio would be nice for a weekend visit, but I wouldn't go for more than two nights or so. Maybe I'd come back for a race though!

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