Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trip Summary: Home for a wedding

I just got home Sunday night from a very short trip to Ohio for my big brother's wedding! How exciting is that. I'm afraid I may have picked up a bug from all this plane time, and am trying to drink enough to stay hydrated, and definitely taking my emergen-c packets.

Kevin and I flew out of ATL Friday night, and landed at CAK around midnight. We got up early Saturday for the wedding, danced all afternoon, and then went to Panini's in Belden Village with family for a mini-after party. I popped some tylenol PM that night after the Miss America pageant, and slept in til almost 11 the next day. After a quick breakfast with family, we were back on the plane and back in Georgia. I packed super light for this, since I really only needed a dress for the wedding, and didn't want to carry too much.

Can I just add, Georgia weather this past week was AMAZING! Kevin and I got to fit in a bike ride on the Greeneway Thursday night, and I wore shorts. In January.

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