Monday, January 21, 2013

Trip Summary: Charleston!

Sometimes my husband likes to plan weekends. This weekend he planned a two night trip to Charleston, one of our favourite places to visit together. He did not, however, plan on my brother and his new wife (see previous post, my brother's wedding) calling up a few days before and saying they were going to join us. It didn't particularly screw up any of our plans, and was definitely a lot of fun.

This weekend also happened to be the Charleston Marathon weekend, third annual. When Kevin first gave me the dates for this weekend, I did some research, and briefly considered signing up for the half. I then decided to stick to my plan of no long distance races until the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February, and gave it a pass. It did give me the idea that maybe next year I should just make a list of random cities, and do at least a half marathon in all of them.

We did luck out that this weekend was the tail end of Charleston Restaurant Week. We didn't make any big plans, so most of the places were already pretty booked when we got into town. Friday night we did go to the Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse in North Charleston, which is literally a meat buffet. More meat than you can shake a stick at. Definitely a good choice, though, I just wish it were a little closer to down town. For Saturday night, we tried to get a table at Basil (2 hour wait), Stars (no table til after 10), O-ku (2 hour wait), and Macintosh (completely booked through Monday). Oh well. We ended up at a little Thai place that was only moderately overpriced and under serviced, but still pretty good. Next trip I definitely want to try Husk, though.

As far as night life, my brother and I both admit to being early sleepers. We did manage to stay out past midnight both nights, however, and hit up a few places. Of course we made the obligatory stop at The Cocktail Club, right above Macintosh, and my favourite bar in Charleston. If you ever get to go to a cocktail class there, do it! We all shared a bowl of punch, then moved on towards Bay St. Social was very packed, so we went to the Gin Joint, a first for me. I LOVED the S'mores dessert I got there, with homemade marshmallows and a little square of chocolate ganache. Too bad the light was so bad I didn't get a good picture of it. The second night included a sparkling drink at The Belmont while trying to decide what to do for dinner, and then reservations at Social Wine Bar after. I love the concept at Social, and always get a bubbly flight, but I was so full from my dinner I didn't get to enjoy any of the great snackies. We finished at Gin Joint again after meeting up with another friend who was also in town. This time I got a gin and tonic made with Rogue Pink Gin. It's pink gin, c'mon!

As far as cultural events go, this was the first time I've been able to make it all the way out to Fort Sumter! It's completely surreal to stand there and imagine all the times it's been attacked, and what it must have felt like to be so completely trapped on a little island with no escape. The preservation there has been amazing, and the whole trip was great. Less culturally, we did a little shopping on King St. and the outlets before leaving. I got some new "law wardrobe" shirts at Brooks Brothers, and we also got about 10 pounds of chocolate at Lindt's going-out-of-business sale. I plan on giving them as presents. For real. Not even I can stand having that much chocolate just sitting around.

Today was a holiday, so no work, and I got to go on a short run at the Augusta Canal in the gorgeous weather. I really do prefer running when the sun is out! It didn't do nearly enough to work off all the delicious food I had this weekend, but it was a start. I unpacked, did about 5 loads of laundry, finally took my Christmas tree down, and made my packing list for my trip to San Antonio for the rest of the week. I love to travel, but really, is starting to laugh at me.

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