Monday, January 14, 2013

Trip Summary: Blogworld Las Vegas

Shortly after returning from adventures in California, I got to head back West, to Las Vegas! This time for "work," however, and the New Media Expo, formerly Blogworld. I write another blog for Army Strong Stories, and they asked me to represent them in their booth at NMX, so free trip for me! 

This is the first time I've been to Vegas on my own here, and these are my highlights:
- Going on the Eiffel Tower Ride at Paris hotel! You get a great view of the strip, and I even got to see the water show at Bellagio across the street from up here:
- Mussels and champagne at the bar at Mon Ami Gabi, also in Paris. I absolutely love this restaurant. And the bartender was very nice.
- Winning $17 in slots! Wo0t!
- Conference social at Lavo, and getting in with a wristband wearing jeans and a sweater, while all the hot girls in high heels waited outside. Haha.
- Drinks at the Chandelier Bar in Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is basically a three level chandelier. So sparkly.
- Working all day long at the booth at NMX, and meeting some awesome people.
- Literally sprinting through the LV airport trying to make my flight home, then sprinting through ATL to make my connection back here. At least I got a good number of Delta skymiles out of this trip.

The conference was at the Rio hotel, somewhat off the Strip, and a slightly older hotel. Even though they gave me a "renovated" room, two of the lights were out, the bedside lamp was broken and rather cockeyed, the mini bar was never stocked, and there were only 2 towels in the bathroom. And room service is ungodly expensive. The toiletries were ok, though, despite the ugly packaging. I'd probably never choose to stay at the Rio of my own accord, but for a conference it was fine.

I did not completely avoid working out on this trip. A pass to the Rio gym is something like $29 a day, but as part of the conference, I got to demonstrate a real Army PT session. Drill Sergeant Heilman and I led a group of about 20 attendees in PRT-style warmups, movement drills, and then a cooldown, with some sprints in between. Even though these are exercises I do frequently, my hamstrings were completely shot the next day and after such a long flight. Running Wednesday morning was another level of painful. I've been stretching out a lot since, but I still have no idea why that happened.

So, note to self: always stretch when you're traveling, especially if travel involves airport sprints.

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