Friday, January 25, 2013

Travel try: Crossfit!

This week I'm at a planning conference in San Antonio, Texas! One of my friends from high school lives here and is an instructor at a Crossfit box, so she invited me and my friends to come try out one of her CF 1 classes. Of course I jumped on it!

First, my options were either 0515 or 0615 on Thursday morning. EARLY! We opted for the 0615, even though it would be cutting it close to get to the conference work groups on time. The weather was gorgeous! It was still dark that early, and just foggy enough to provide a nice misty feeling outside.

The workout started with a warmup of some dynamic stretching and running, then moved on to a short class on the push jerk and a few reps. Next, we moved into the Workout Of the Day, or WOD. The WOD for us was:
5 rounds for time (or 20:00)
400m run/sprint
30 situps
15 deadlifts

This was definitely one of the best workouts I've done in a while. I love doing short, intense workouts, especially if it helps my running. I kept my weight on the deadlifts low so I could focus more on technique. My friend, who is a beast, is a great instructor, and made sure we were all doing everything right. I finished my 5 rounds in just over the 20 minutes on the clock, and beat out 2 of the guys in my group (they had a little more weight though :p ).

We were all definitely walking around a little funny for the rest of the day, and decided to reward ourselves with dinner at the Chart House on the top of the Tower of the Americas, San Antonio's 'space needle.'

One of the things I really like about these kind of workouts is how it really helps me find my weaknesses. I know I've been avoiding weight so I can focus on running, but the pressure on my back after all those dead lifts was an eye opener. Maybe I can incorporate a few intense weight lifting days in the next few months while I start training again for all those events this summer!

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