Sunday, January 13, 2013

Packing light

As you have seen, I've been traveling a lot lately. This is what I've been carrying around for most of it:

Yep, that's it, a 17" Vera Bradley rolling suitcase, and my trusty TNF Big Shot. Sometimes I switch out the backpack for a Vera Bradley duffel bag, but, for the most part, this takes care of everything. Here's my breakdown:

- clear, zip bag for carry on size liquids
- reading material (currently, my Nook and a folder of law school applications, plus any magazines)
- water bottle and neck pillow on the outside
- any fragile items, such as gifts, I might be carrying
- grid it with phone charger, Nook charger, pen
- my clutch or purse, whatever I plan on carrying day to day

- larger toiletry bag with hairbrush, makeup, toothbrush, etc
- clothes, 8 pieces or less, in individual travel pouches
- shoes or slippers, as needed
- pouch of underclothes
- extra pair of eye glasses, camera, and battery charger
- netbook and charger in front pouch, with moleskine notebook
- extra reading material

I can carry both as carryons, but, if I'm not in a hurry, I might be willing to check the rolling carryon and still have enough entertainment on the plane, and know I won't lose anything too vital. This has been my standard packing system for the past month or so, and it seems to be working out. I even packed my ACUs in here for my Vegas trip, and everything still fit.

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