Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I'm in between travel right now, and boy, has life been crazy! I just spent a few days in Ohio with my family, and got out just before the big storm! So, while my mom is in Ohio with 10 inches of snow, tonight, I will be flying to Southern California. Due to overpacking for Ohio, despite STILL not having a real winter coat, I am going to try the 8 items or less challenge for this upcoming week in San Diego.

My Christmas present to me this year was a pair of new shoes! I got the Asics GT-1000, breast cancer awareness edition. I kind of love how they came with ribbons instead of laces:
My new shoes!
And, just to mess up my perfectly planned year of races, I found out last week that the Army is sending me to law school!! I was absolutely floored when I found out, since I did not expect to get picked up this year, and haven't even applied to law schools yet. I have a few weeks to get my list together, write all those personal statements, and start planning from there! 

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