Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DC, here I come!

I may have missed out on the NWM Half in DC, but I did get selected for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in Washington, DC, on April 7th! 
DC, here I come!
My friend Christian and I entered as a group, so we're both going!! Woohoo! I love ten milers, because they're short enough to be fun, but long enough that people still say, "Oh, you said ten MILES, not ten K!" My goal for the Army Ten Miler was an 8:30 mile average, so that's now my goal for this one. I have  approximately 108 days until race day, so time for some sprints! 

I can not express how much I love cherry blossoms. They're so pink, and delicate, and smell pretty, and they just sing spring. The cherry trees in DC are especially beautiful, or so I've heard. Despite going to school for 3 years in Virginia, I always seemed to miss peak blossom time by just a few weeks. Hopefully I make it this year. 

When I was in high school, I started volunteering at the National First Ladies' Library in my hometown of Canton, Ohio. All of the volunteers are encouraged to choose a first lady they want to portray during tours, and I chose Helen Herron Taft, one of the first ladies from Ohio. Her official portrait hangs on the first floor of the Library, and I had become obsessed with it from the first time I saw it, which I want to say was when I was about 7 or 8. Here it is: 

Helen Taft really dominated as a wife and mother and first lady, and also loved to travel. With her husband, she spent a lot of time in Asia, while her husband was governor of the Philippines, and traveled to Japan. While in the White House, she is credited with aiding Japanese-American relations that resulted in the cherry trees being given to the US, and planted around the Tidal Basin. While in DC, I want to find the plaque that marks the first tree planted. 

Hopefully we will also have time for afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental. I bet the view of the Tidal Basin will be beautiful, plus, they have the best scones I have ever had.

What did I say, 108 more days?

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