Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Bad News First"

Well, the results for the lottery for the Nike Women's Marathon Half DC came out this week.......and my entry was not selected. Whomp whomp.

Worst email ever

Getting the news was a rollercoaster! Of course everyone was stalking the NWM 26.2 Facebook Page to see if anyone else had heard. Then someone posted that, for the full NWM, the charge on the credit card usually hits before emails are sent out. And, low and behold, my credit card got charged on Tuesday morning! I was excited, but didn't want to believe it until I got the email. Two more days went by and I still hadn't heard anything, until I checked my spam folder Thursday morning. I had gotten the above email over night. Boooo. What a let down. I messaged the mysterious person on the other side of the facebook page to ask why my card was charged if I did not get in, but never got a response. My card was credited back the $166.60, though, so at least they aren't charging me for not being selected. Seriously, though, they should have a better system by now. 

The lottery results for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run should be released this coming week, however, so hopefully the news will be better. 

The weather here in Georgia has been pretty crazy lately, which do I not appreciate! Monday was gorgeous, around 60 in the morning, but by Thursday, it cooled down a lot. Unfortunately for me, I had to take my Army Physical Fitness Test Thursday morning. Of course. One of the coldest mornings we've had all season. Despite not being able to feel my feet for the ENTIRE 2 miles, I managed to do 55 pushups, 75 situps, and a 17:00 2 mile run, which was definitely a passing score. Perhaps the cold plus me wearing shorts helped my knee from swelling too much.

Other than that, I took another Barre class on Friday afternoon. Every time I go, I remember that I am not nearly as flexible as I used to be. Also, doing one legged squats in carousel pony makes my legs shake like none other. And I thought the physical therapists were mean.

I know my running is going to decrease a lot in the next few weeks. This weekend I am going home to Ohio for Christmas, followed by a week in San Diego for New Year's. The weekend after that I will be in Las Vegas for the NMX Conference, and working the booth for Army Strong Stories. And, the weekend after that I will be back in Ohio for my big brother's wedding. That leaves me the next five days to get in as much running/swimming/barre-ing as I can. Huzzah. Maybe this will turn into more of a travel blog, and I will rename it, how to do laundry in your sink.

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