Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of November Update

Well, this week certainly has been a trip. I took the week off work because my husband and I are moving into our new house, and also I wanted a little downtime after all the crazy stuff going on at work. A week of no running was nice too, but all the lifting of boxes and moving things around has been tiring. At least I'm all caught up on my sleep!

Moving has been crazy! We weren't able to move in Tuesday, like we planned, since closing got moved to Thursday. Unfortunately, Thursday is also the day I had to be cleared out of my apartment. We had one load of boxes ready to go that day, but with all the large furniture, we still had two more to go. As if it weren't enough trying to move everything we owned in one night, the living of my apartment flooded in the middle of moving! Apparently the neighbor's washer broke, and he wasn't home to turn it off, so there was a lot of damage. But, we are finally in our new home, not quite unpacked, but slowly getting there. The first night we had no water and no gas, so definitely no hot water, but things have been slowly improving. Water is on, power is on, gas should be on Monday, hopefully, and our refrigerator and new washer and dryer should be coming Monday as well.

In other news, the lottery for the Nike Women's Marathon Half Washington, DC (apparently that's what they're calling it) opened this week. Unfortunately, they don't allow transfers, which I think is dumb, so it's hard to plan for multiple people to go and meet up. But it sounds like fun, so hopefully I get in! Lottery also opens soon for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, also in DC.

My husband and I are also starting to plan our trip to DisneyWorld for the Princess Half Marathon in February! I LOVE DisneyWorld! I managed to convince my husband to register for it with me by saying he won't have to run fast. He's not much of a distance sort of guy.

I also promised an afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian, which is pretty much my favorite thing at Disney. This happened to be the first afternoon tea I made my husband go to with me, and he wasn't completely sold on the idea of a tea party, but after getting the Prince Charming tea, with it's mini charcuterie and a glass of port, as well as his own pot of tea with a velvety tea cozy, he was sold. Now most of our trips involve finding a new place for afternoon tea, the perfect way to rest and recharge after a long day. Some of our favorites have been the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC, and, of course, The Plaza, in New York City.

Back to the grind, sort of, this week at work, but Thursday is Thanksgiving! Time to give thanks for all the great things I've been able to do and see this year!

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