Sunday, November 25, 2012

All I want for Christmas

Every year my very large family does a Christmas Exchange. The day after Thanksgiving, a non-interested party (MOM) puts a slip of paper with everyone's name into a "hat," then everyone present pulls out a name. If anyone is not present, usually me and my husband, she pulls a slip for us, and secretly calls to tell us who we have.

For the next few weeks, my siblings obsessively ask furtive questions while trying to hide who they have to buy a present for. Sometimes it's obvious: I'll get a text from Pete saying, what size shirt is Kevin? Sometimes people try to be sneaky, and ask multiple people for details about two or three people, trying to throw off anyone who might be trying to collect info and make a master chart to see who has who.
And one can never know who is a good gift giver and who is a dud gift giver. Pete has no job, but he will save up his allowance for weeks to buy someone an awesome present. Andrew is still a grad student, and he will probably buy you a pack of gum on Christmas Eve with a card. Everyone knows my present has to fit in a carry on, so it's probably not a bottle of wine.

So, for my siblings, whoever has me (including you, Kevin) HERE'S WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS:

  • A Cocoon GRID-IT!: I got one of these for my husband a while ago, and now I want some of my own to throw things into my backpack.
  • New Yoga Pants: Prana or Lululemon. Because they look better than sweatpants, and I can therefore wear them outside. 
  • Compression Calf Sleeves: Preferably in pink. 
  • A custom Sweatyband just for meeee! Maybe something pink, or shiny, with monogram, and velvety, or my many choices. 

Also, here are a few things that I think are great stocking stuffers (most of this I already have):

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